If you have seen the videos on America's Funniest Videos of people's reactions while wearing VR goggles then you know how much fun they can be. Having a set around at Christmas time when the whole family gets together would be a great way to pass the time. Just make sure to have a smartphone handy to record the hilarity.

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Model Number: Xiaozhai Bobo VR Bobovr Z5
Compatible Device: Smartphones
Sensor Type: Xiaozhai Bobo VR Bobovr Z5
Type: Binocular
Viewing Experience: Immersive
Controllers: Yes
Display Number: None
Gesture Recognition: No
Real-time Map Construction: No
FOV: 120 Max
Base Stations: No
Camera: No
Ports: AUX
Package: Yes
Wireless network Type: None
Set Type: Controllers Sets
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